Terms and Conditions of Bangladesh Forest Information System (BFIS) User Agreement

Disclaimer: Bangladesh Forest Information System (BFIS) is the national information system of the Bangladesh Forest Department(BFD), under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has been developed with the technical support by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and financial support of United Nations Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation(UN‐REDD) and United States Agency for International Development(USAID).

Bangladesh Forest Information System (BFIS) is managed by Resources Information Management System (RIMS) unit of Bangladesh Forest Department(BFD). By using BFIS user agrees to be bound by the terms and condition given below:

  • Copyright: Data provided in this platform and modules are copyrighted. All copyrights reserved by Bangladesh Forest Department.

  • User Rights: Users are responsible for the searches they carry out, as well as the interpretation and use they make of the data. Reproduction of the data for resale or other commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written permission of the copyright holder, i.e. Bangladesh Forest Department(BFD). Applications for such permission should be addressed by email to (bfis.rims.fd@gmail.com) or by mail to: The authorize person of Bangladesh Forest Department.

  • Maintaining confidentiality: Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and are fully responsible for all activities that occur using registered account (email ID and password). User must notify system admin of any unauthorized use of password or any other suspected security breaches. Users must ensure that they appropriately log‐out every time from their unattended computers or from the computers they are using in public places.

  • External Web References: Bangladesh Forest Department(BFD) does not take any responsibility of site availability and authenticity of the external third party web references, links referred in the BFIS, as BFD does not have any control over those websites.

  • Operation, Maintenance and Management: BFD reserves the right to outsource operation, maintenance and management services of Bangladesh Forest Information System and other related services to any third party.

  • Internet Browser and Users Computer compatibility: To access the BFIS and BFIS all module securely, users can use any kind of web browsers. Update version web browsers doesn’t affect any problem to use this system. User can use Firefox, Chorme, Internet Explorer, Edge etc. any latest version of browser version. Users are responsible to comply with the hardware, software requirements of the computer systems, and uninterruptible Internet connectivity with sufficient bandwidth required to operate, load, and download documents.

  • Governing Law: This terms and conditions of use agreement of BFIS and BFIS module will all be governed by the laws of Bangladesh applicable to agreements made and to be performed in Bangladesh. BFD reserve the right to initiate any legal action against those users violating any of the terms and conditions of BFIS user agreement.

  • Changes in this Terms and Conditions: BFD shall have the right to modify clauses of the terms and conditions without prior notice. BFD reserves the right to modify, add, delete and/or change the functions, User Interface, contents, and other modules in BFIS at any time without any prior notice. User is responsible to follow the updated terms and conditions of use.

  • Reference: Use of any BFIS site content requires acknowledgment by providing reference of source in BFIS. In case of publishing data, diagram, illustration, maps, images, shape files and any intellectual property collected from BFIS, user must provide citation of original source of information.